Youth theatre double bill – 5th to 9th September 2017

Directors: Jane and Nick Foster (

Production Manager: Liz Bignell (

Read-through:  Sunday 7th May at 2.30 pm – in the Rehearsal Room

Audition dates:

Thursday 18th May 7.30 pm – at Coulsdon Methodist Church, Brighton Road, Coulsdon
Sunday 21st May 2.30 pm – in the Rehearsal Room

About the plays:

‘Mugged’ by Andrew Payne

Every morning, a group of teenagers meet up on their way to school and hang out on the benches in the park. And every morning they are faced with the same dilemma: take the short cut across the park and risk running into the muggers, or go the long way round and risk being late…

‘Taking Breath’ by Sarah Daniels

Elliot, a would-be eco-warrior, has fallen from a tree and now lies in a coma in hospital.  But when he fell, he somehow slipped into the past, meeting Lucy, a troubled servant girl and suffragette from 1913.  Meanwhile, Alana, excluded from school for selling ‘E’, passionately follows Elliot’s news coverage on TV.  As the play unfolds, it becomes clear that Lucy was Alana’s great-grandmother, with an interesting story of her own to tell.  Can Alana use this connection to help Elliot’s recovery, and in doing so, find peace for herself?


We are looking for a large-ish cast of the older Youth Theatre members, to play characters ranging in age from 14 to adult.  There will also be plenty of opportunity to get involved backstage.

‘Mugged’: The main characters are 4 boys and 2 girls from the same school, aged 15-16, although some should appear older.  In addition, we need an ensemble of at least 7 other actors to play a number of other roles, including newsreaders, a TV reporter, passers-by, a police officer and a vicar.

‘Taking Breath’: There are 6 female characters and 4 male characters, aged between 14 and 20, plus a man’s voice offstage.

We would expect to double some of the smaller parts, and some actors could be involved in both plays.

Audition notes

If you are interested in a particular character, then please say.  However, rather than audition for just one part, we would prefer you to come with an open mind and consider all possibilities.

We will not be using specific audition pieces for each character, but instead will work through a number of scenes from each play, to see how different actors work together.  At the read-through, we will let you know which scenes will be used, and copies of both plays will be available.  If you can’t make the read-through but would like to audition, please contact Jane and Nick for a script.  Also, if you want to audition but can’t make either of the audition dates, please let us know and we can arrange another time to see you.

We will be rehearsing during the following periods: 4th to 22nd June; 5th to 20th July; and 30th July to 4th September.  We understand that most people will be away at some point over the summer, and will do our best to fit rehearsals around holidays etc.  However, it is essential that you let us know your availability in advance


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