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This Page is a resource for downloading and viewing all sorts of useful stuff

Such as: Theatre Operational Roles, Lighting, Sound, Projection and Theatre-related user manuals and useful documents
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Theatre Operational Roles

Most of the jobs that people do at the theatre and on committees have a guide and description, such as house Management, Being a Production Manager, Chair etc.  We will shortly be posting the set of these to help members and newcomers understand and perhaps volunteer for jobs that keep the Courtyard Theatre running.


Production Drawings

Content to follow


Lighting Department

Strand Pallette VL16 Documentation

Training Videos

Strand Pallette VL Website

Palette VL Manuals

Manuals Download Location

PaletteVL Data Sheet

Palette Quickstart Guide version 10.6

Palette_OSv10 Software User Manual

Palette VL – Basic Recording TUTORIAL

Pallette VL – Channel Control TUTORIAL


High end Studio Beam PC Documentation

High End studio beam MAIN Manual

High End StudioBeam Data Sheet Guide to Programming High End fixture functionsGuide to Programming

High End fixture functions


Apollo Smart Color Manual April 2009

Apollo Smart Color Mark 1 Manual April 2009 (annotated)

Courtyard Theatre Apollo Scroller Colour String Nov 2013

Courtyard Theatre Scroller Colours 2011


Sound Department



Courtyard Theatre Location of Power and RCDs




Construction / Workshop


Stage Management

This is a general guide to Stage Management.  It is a more comprehensive description of the SM role than we need in the Chipstead Players.  At the Courtyard Theatre we use a much simplified procedure.  However, read it if you are interested in the SM role but don’t get bogged down in the detail!

Stage Management Guide