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Tues 21 – Sat 25 April 2020

By Willy Russell

Directed by Debs Brooks  


Join the ‘Progress Class’ on a rare outing from the deprived area in which they live. Accompanied by their ever patient teacher Mrs Kay and disciplinarian Mr Briggs the group cause havoc as they stop off at a zoo, castle and petrol station along their way to a theme park.

Exploring themes of education, poverty and the ever present social glass ceiling, Willy Russell draws on his personal teaching experience of an inner city school with hilarious and heart breaking results. With an array of roles to choose from, this funny, gritty play is a great vehicle for our youth theatre.









The Last of the Haussmans

Mon 1 – Sat 6 June 2020

By Stephen Beresford

Directed by Julie Cumbo  

Judy Haussman is an incorrigible ageing hippy, still anarchic and feisty but now ill and so members of her dysfunctional family, as well as neighbours, come to visit her. The play is set in and around the Haussman family home, a 1930s’ art deco property in a state of virtual dereliction, on the South Devon coast. There are rows, revelations, touches of comedy and touches of pathos in this lively, funny and touching drama.













Brighton Beach Memoirs

Mon 20 – Sat 25 July 2020

By Neil Simon

Directed by John Shepherd  

Neil Simon returns to his roots with this affectionate, semi-autobiographical piece about his early years in Brighton Beach, a poor, mainly Jewish-American, neighbourhood in Brooklyn. The ‘not quite 15’ Eugene introduces us to his family household: mother, father, elder brother, aunt and her two teenage daughters, and shares his teenage angst directly with the audience. Filled with Simon’s customary wit and well-drawn characters, the play will leave you with a smile on your face and a warm glow inside!

Read Through: Tuesday April 28th 2020 8 pm