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Satchwell Road Can Take It

by Peter Nixon

Directed by Debra Elsdon

satchwell-road-front-pageTuesday 18th April 2017 – Saturday 22nd April 2017

Peter Nixon’s sequel to his 2015 show ‘Say Goodbye to Satchwell Road’ opens in Spring 1941. Our wartime EastEnders emerge once again to see what is left after another night of assault from Hitler’s Luftwaffe. The challenges of living under the constant threat of annihilation take their toll – but they are determined to carry on.

As the adults embrace new roles, the children also take part – foraging for what they can find that will help the war effort and as curious as children always are. Hitler’s aim of crushing his enemies with relentless assault from the skies had the opposite effect, as this production will show. Expect to have your spirits stirred and be inspired!

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A Doll’s House

by Henrik Ibsen (translation by Simon Stephens)

Directed by Chris Hearn

dolls-house-frontpageMonday 29th May – Saturday 3rd June 2017

Nora Helmer has illegally borrowed some money by forging a signature. Her creditor threatens to ruin her husband, Helmer, by exposing the fraud. Helmer is not prepared to sacrifice his reputation to protect Nora and she then realises her marriage is doomed.

Don’t miss this psychological thriller from 1879.

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Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Willimas

Directed by Julie Cumbo

streetcar-frontpageMonday 17th July – Saturday 22nd July 2017

The play focuses on the visit of the fragile Blanche Du Bois to her sister Stella in New Orleans. This is the first time that Blanche has met Stella’s husband, Stanley
Kowalski, and she finds much that shocks her, including the news that Stella is pregnant. During the summer, Blanche meets Stanley’s friend Mitch in whom she sees
someone who might save her from her current problems.

It is 1947 and in this post-war city of the Deep South, the jazz, the booze and the sultry summer heat all
contribute to the tensions of this powerful drama, often regarded as one of the greatest of the twentieth century.