DIAL M FOR MURDER Frederick Knott – 4th to 9th July 2016

Director: Warwick BeazleyDial-M-web


17th February at 7.30pm in the rehearsal room


29th February 7.30 pm in the rehearsal room

2nd March at 7.30 pm in the rehearsal room


To Be Announced


Tony Wendice, former star tennis player, now with serious debt problems, plots to murder his wealthy wife Sheila. He enlists, by means of threats of blackmail, an old school acquaintance to carry out the deed, and makes sure he has a cast-iron alibi himself.   The plan goes awry and the would-be assassin dies in the struggle with Sheila, who is then tried and convicted for murder. The suspense builds while a diligent detective tries to figure it out.

This intriguing thriller will be known to many, especially those of ‘a certain age’, from seeing either the stage play or the Hitchcock film.  It is set in the 1950s, in Maida Vale (“M”), with characters that represent the “well-to-do” middle class of post-war London.   It is an elegant piece, much-loved by audiences everywhere. Cravats, cuff-links and cocktail dresses abound!   Those audiences who are familiar with the play will probably also remember the dénouement, but that won’t spoil it for them. It is the clever telling of the story that maintains its appeal.


Tony Wendice:  Suave, elegant, seemingly a most charming character  – but a schemer utterly without principle.  Totally self-serving, clearly married Sheila only for her money.        Age  30-55.

Sheila Wendice :  The ‘beautiful innocent’, but not quite so innocent, having had a romantic relationship with Max, which still continues, if only in their hearts. Not a particularly strong woman, but certainly one whom chivalrous men would rush to take care of.      Age 25-40.

Max Halliday:  Sheila’s former (?) lover, an American writer of detective stories, desperate to find a way to save her from the noose.  In trying to figure out what Tony is up to, Max plays an important role in keeping the audience ‘on track’.       American accent required.     Age 30-45

Captain Lesgate:  A shady character, kind of ‘used car salesman’, formerly served with Tony in the army, and suspected of petty thieving. Not keen on Tony’s proposals, but succumbs to blackmail and the offer of big money. A significant part, but confined to the first half.         Age 30 – 50.

Inspector Hubbard:  The diligent detective who never lets go, even when it seems all is lost.  Old school, bow-tie and hat type, possibly a little eccentric.  In terms of ‘pivotal roles, he rather prises the focus away from Tony as the plot progresses.  Age 50 – 60.


1. Tony with Lesgate
From  : start of Scene 2,
To:  page 12 “I’m at your service”
From: page 17 “Where’s the nearest police station?”
To:  page 19 “Approximately where you are standing now”

2. Sheila with Max
From: page 3 “You look very serious all of a sudden”
To: page 4 “No I can’t possibly tell him. Not now”

3. Sheila with Hubbard
From: page 34  “Good morning madam”
To: page 39   “one look at those staring eyes”

4. Max with Tony
From: page 48 “You mustn’t give up trying. It’s not over yet”
To: page 51 “It’s tomorrow morning”

5. Hubbard with Tony
From:  page 51   “Oh – Hullo inspector”
To:  page 53   “Oh Mr Halliday”

6. Sheila with Tony
From: page 32 ”More coffee?”
To: page 34  “I think so”