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Take a look at the exciting shows to follow in our current season.

Time of My Life – Mon 9th July to Sat 14th July

By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Eve Manghani

Time of My Life - PostcardWhen Ayckbourn gives a play a ‘jolly’ title and it opens with all the characters having a happy time—in this case all sitting round a table in an Italian restaurant, chatting and laughing, you can be sure disaster lies no further than a brandy glass away. Secrets are revealed as scenes spin backwards and forwards in time. Ayckbourn’s 44th play is a black comedy that swings from humour to pathos on a grand scale as we learn that the ‘Time of My Life’ is the time you were happiest but didn’t know it.

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The Courtyard Fringe – Wed 25th July to Sat 28th July

By various writers and directors.


 Chipstead Players are delighted to be hosting 4 days of fantastic entertainment, workshops and theatre tours. Visit the Fringe page for full details.

The Sneeze – Tue 4th to Sat 8th September

By Anton Chekhov

Directed by Jane and Nick Foster

Translated and adapted by Michael Frayn

The Sneeze - Website_preview (1)

Apparently, Chekhov didn’t like plays – except short ones.  So, we present a selection of his short plays (and sketches based on his short stories) freely adapted and translated by Michael Frayn.   Perhaps best known for Noises Off, Michael Frayn’s lively translations bring out all the wit and dry humour of Chekhov at his funniest.  Although the plays are set in late 19th century Russia, the emotions that drive the comedy are universal – anger, embarrassment, self-importance, disappointment, boredom, vanity, outrage, xenophobia – as a parade of larger-than-life characters find themselves in a series of ridiculous situations.

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Trap for a Lonely Man – Mon 22nd to Sat 27th October

By Robert Thomas

Directed by Will Harris

Translated by Lucienne Hill and John Sutro.

Trap for a Lonely Man - Website_preview (1)

The Man’s wife has disappeared. The Police cannot trace her. And then the Priest says he has found her, but the Man says she’s not his wife. Other people say she definitely is his wife. So what’s going on? Is this a conspiracy? Is the Man going mad? The tension mounts, right to the final climax!

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