Splendour by Abi Morgan- 23rd October to 28th October

Directed by Kate Thurlow

Read through: Thursday 27th July 7:30pm


Thursday 10th August 7.30 pm

Sunday 13th August 2.00 pm


Against a background of a bloody revolution, four women are waiting at a presidential residence for a dictator to arrive for a photo shoot by a renowned international photo journalist. Everyone is affecting friendship and calm but as the story unravels we realise that they all have been victims and perpetrators of same sin. Will the dictator ever arrive? Will any one of them walk away alive?
This is a very unusual and challenging piece of theatre. On the page it is almost unfathomable but it is a wonderful opportunity for 4 strong female actors to breathe life into each character and thus tell a story truly worth retelling. Splendour is the most relevant piece of theatre for our time and I’m sure any actor working on it would remember it as one of their best works.


Beginning Week commencing 28th August.
Can rehearse any night of the week except Mondays


Micheleine​ – The wife of a dictator on the verge of being overthrown (late 40s -mid 50s)
Genevieve​ – Her oldest friend the wife of the dictators deceased best friend (late 40s – mid 50s)
Kathryn​ – A renowned war photo journalist (in her 40s)
Gilma​​ – Local interpreter working for an agency assigned to Kathryn (20 something)

Audition pieces:

We will start by reading through the play and then all are welcome to perform any of the excerpts below individually.

Micheleine​: Page 67- “I have never noticed…”
Genevive​: Page 72- “I arrive at this house to the end then “my youngest wants to speak … “
Kathryn​: Page 78- “I’m sitting in the lobby of my hotel…”
Gilma​: Page 43- “The woman in green…” followed by page 44 “I visit my family…”

Please try and learn these pieces by heart so that you can give your performance all that it needs.
Scripts available from Louise Delaney mjlcd@yahoo.co.uk / 07807471962 but these must be made available for the read-thru.

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