SHADOWLANDS by William Nicholson – 23rd to 28th May 2016

Director: Colin EdgertonShadowlands web front
Production Manager: Mary Morgan


Monday 18th January 2016 at 8.00pm


Thursday 11th February 2016 at 8.00pm

Monday 15th February 2016 at 8.00pm


To Be Announced


This is the story of the unlikely romance between C S (Jack ) Lewis, the middle-aged, bachelor Oxford don, Christian writer, and author of the ‘Narnia’ stories; and Joy Gresham an American Jewish/Christian writer and poet. Set in the male enclave of academic Oxford in the 1950’s Joy’s intellectual assertiveness delights Lewis but appals his condescending fellow academics. From tentative, timid, beginnings their friendship develops into a deep abiding love which is brutally cut short by Joy’s terminal illness. From this sombre subject William Nicholson has fashioned a beautiful, touching and gently amusing play which demonstrates the rejuvenating power of love.


C S Lewis  – an Oxford don in his fifties

Major Warnie Lewis – Lewis’ bachelor brother

Professor Riley – an Oxford don

Rev H Harrington – an Oxford chaplain

Alan Gregg/Doctor – an Oxford don

Dr M Oakley/Priest – an Oxford don

Joy Gresham – an American in her late 30s

Douglas – Joy’s son



C S Lewis
Page 1 (beginning) to 2 (Real life has not begun yet); Page 13 (as you see I am all prepared) to 15 (bottom-I didn’t cry); Page 53/54 (We are like blocks of stone) to end.

Major Warnie Lewis
I had the strangest dream) to 7 (There’s a small boy with a woman); Page 12 (It’s only a cup of tea) to 13 (…introduce him to your poetry); Page 27 (So she’s settled over here for good) to 28 (…marrying Joy technically?)

Professor Riley
Page 2 (and all because she was a vegetarian?) to 3 (Liaisons dangereuses); Page 16 (Thank you Maurice. Well done) to 19 ( Good night Maurice)

Rev H Harrington
Page5 (Pages 2/3 and 16/19 (as above); Page 41 (Frankly I’m worried about him) to 42 (We hear Joy is getting better)

Alan Gregg/Doctor
Page 33 ( Mr Lewis?) to 34 (The cancer is very advanced); Page 40 (Well Mr Lewis, I think…) to (Remissions do happen)

Dr M Oakley/Priest
Page 38 (OK. Just this once) to 39 (and Holy Ghost. Amen)

Joy Gresham
Page 13 (As you see I am all prepared) to 15 (I didn’t cry); Page 17 (Merry Christmas) to 18 (or merely stupid!); Page 48 (I am so happy) to 50 (Don’t talk any more. You rest). American accent.

Page 9 (Will he write in my book) to (Mom. Can I leave the table); Page 53 (When I was your age) to (Me too). American accent.

Page 28 (Mr Lewis. Please be seated) to 29 (every happiness in your life together).

Scripts can be obtained from the production Manager, Mary Morgan, but must be returned, or brought to the Read Thru on 18 January 2016.


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