Satchwell Road Can Take It! – Youth Theatre – Audition

THE London Blitz comes to Chipstead!

Peter Nixon’s sequel to his 2016 show ‘Say Goodbye to Satchwell Road’ opens in Spring 1941.   Our wartime EastEnders emerge once again to see what is left after another night of assault from Hitler’s Luftwaffe.  The challenges of living under the constant threat of annihilation take their toll – but they are determined to carry on.  As the adults embrace new roles, the children also take part – foraging for what they can find that will help the war effort and as curious as children always are.
This is an ensemble production with roles for young people from Year 5 to Year 13 to play children and adults.  Although not a musical, there is a lot of singing as they go about their daily lives with some opportunities for solos, some dancing and explosions.


Saturday 5th November from 2.00pm in the Rehearsal Room. You will get to meet some of the team and see what the story is all about.


Wednesday 16th November from 7.30 pm

Saturday 19th November from 2.00 pm

Performance dates:

Tuesday 18th – Saturday 22nd April 2017


N.B. Approximate age given. Lines in brackets. The ages are to indicate whether they’re children or adults and their approximate seniority.

Edward R Murrow (69)
CBS radio journalist, 28 years
American accent required
Doubles with Injured Gent and Patient

Janet Murrow (20)
Charity organiser, 28 years
American accent
Doubles with Winnie  & Jennifer

Violet Lee (34)
30 years.  A mother with three children
Solo singing

Daisy Lee (26)
Aged 11
Solo singing

Ray and Roy Lee (5) one doubles as Bobby
Twin boys aged 6

Dolly Cooper (29)
Aged 22
Pregnant with an optimistic point of view
Solo singing

Doris Robinson (26)
Aged 62
Pensioner – has lived through the last war
Solo singing

Billy Robinson (42)
Aged 65
Doris’s husband

Albert Tuffin (42)
Auxiliary fireman, aged 35

Queenie Tuffin (27)
WVS volunteer, aged 33
Solo singing x 4

Kay Tuffin (25)
Aged 11
Solo singing

Archie Tuffin (32)
Aged 9
Solo singing

Terry Salt (3)
Aged 30
Doubles as Harry

Winnie Salt (12)
Aged 25
(see Janet and Jennifer)

Vera Haynes (72)
Chief Warden, aged 35

Jack Haynes (45)
Auxiliary fireman, aged 37
Solo singing

Rita Spedding (92)
Shelter Marshal, aged 32
Solo singing

Brian (104) &  Barry Spedding (97)
Aged 13
Solo singing

Doreen Gridley (90)
Aged 13

Donald Fowler (54)

Monica Fowler (50)
Aged 11 & 12

Harry Jones (16)
Heavy Rescue Squad, aged 35

Ted Parkinson (13)
Heavy Rescue Squad, aged 35

Major Bell (61)
Home Guard commander, aged 50
Doubles as a patient

Jennifer Barton (67)
Red Cross Nurse, aged 25
(see Janet and Winnie)

Two Home Guards (10 & 2)
(doubled as Ted & Harry)

Bobby (6)
Aged 5
Doubles as Ray / Roy

‘Gentleman’ ejected from shelter (also as Terry and Harry)
Two customers (also as Janet and Ted)
Patients in first Aid Post (also as Major Bell, Edward Murrow and Roy / Ray)
Injured man in Firestorm (also as Edward Murrow)

Apply to Director, Debra Elsdon for audition pieces:

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